The best investment strategy for 2012 and beyond will differ from the popular investment strategy offered by most investment advisers and financial planners today. The investment landscape has changed. Here's a strategy for making the best of it.

Invest Smartly

Most people know they need to start saving for retirement and other major life events. But they usually lack the time, energy or expertise to develop a grounded investing plan according to the market situation and to sift through the tens of thousands of investment options available. Diversification is the key for investing in 2012.

Enter The process of investing is made so incredibly easy that within five minutes of visiting the site they will have you set up with a fully diversified portfolio customized to your specific financial situation. They achieve this through low-cost, well-grounded, and automatically implemented financial advice designed for smart, busy people. Accounts are broadly diversified, regularly rebalanced—with the liquidity and simplicity of an online bank account.

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You save a bundle in fees. There are no commissions or minimum balance fees. Customers pay between 0.15% and 0.35% of assets per year, less than 25% of what they’d pay elsewhere. Betterment was voted “Best of Show” at Finovate.

Invest in Currency

Here’s a strategy you’ll like, It’s called Copy>Paste. Now, you can copy top traders’ success!

This is one of the most promising investment options for 2012. News on Europe’s debt trouble and efforts to resolve it drives the global market. Investing wisely in Forex presents a perfect opportunity to make a good amount of money with moderate risk. If you have never invested in foreign currency or Forex, you need to learn the terms and techniques for Forex trading using a practice account.

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