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I wish there was something like this in the days of 2007-2008 when it was obvious the oil price will go up. I remember making good money on the bets that time when oil price went above $150. But boy, it took us tremendous amount of time and research figuring out how to invest in Oil. We could come up with a few companies which would benefit from high oil prices and then invested in a handful, still made a decent amount of money. We invested in 6 different stocks and paid over $100 in commission. Oil is an example, there are many common sense themes which would make sense investing in from time to time. Now, investing in Oil or any big ideas is made simple with Motif Investing.

This new start-up allows people to buy "motifs" which is a collection of up to 30 stocks that fit with an investment theme, like Oil, cloud computing, rental market or companies that benefit during an economic downturn. Motif does the hard work of picking and weighting the stocks that go into each basket of assets. Each of more than 50 motifs costs just $ 9.95, nearly the same price as conducting a single stock transaction at major online brokers. Not only this, user can fully customize the stocks and weighting of any motif to suit their preference and need. There are easy to use charts and graphs that let users compare how a particular Motif has performed over the time against any benchmarks.

This is a new era to the age of investing. Investing ideas come from your daily lives and what you see, this takes it to the next level. Motif gives the platform and tool to individual investor, the way many successful wealth managers operate. It also allows you to connect with Facebook and you can decide what to share with whom to share etc. and brings the social aspect in complimentary way. Motif Investing also has the backing of many former big shots of silicon valley and good line of investors.

Let's look at some of the Motifs they currently have. Excited about the idea of innovation in how we pay in the age of smart phone literally running our lives, there is Digital Dollars Motif. Worried that the Euro crisis will sink your portfolio? Check out 20 companies with all sales coming from within the US. You believe people would pay more attention to what and how they eat, there is Healthy and Tasty motif. Oh well, on the other side, there is a Junk Foods motif as well. There are political motifs as well for Democratic and Republican Donors. If you think women run business much better, you can invest in Women CEOs and buy 20 stocks of companies led by women. . You can also invest in popular Dogs of the Dow strategy with Motif. If you want steady income, Check out the new fixed-income motifs: customizable portfolios of up to 30 bond ETFs. Last but not the least, you can submit your ideas about Motif to them as well.

We believe that this is just the beginning of a new chapter in investment world with Motif Investing. This innovative platform is a boon to individual investor. They say that an Idea can change your life, this new way of investing in ideas would definitely change investing for good.



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