This is one of the most common available personal investment option to people. You can trade stocks online for any public companies in the United States. There are many online systems (called online brokers) you can use. The online brokers charge fees (called commissions) for each trade you make. These fees range from $5 to $30. We recommend using which only charges $4.95 for each trade and provide many useful features and an easy to understand interface.

Check out the Video tour below on Pacing a Stock Order.

Once you have the account with an online broker, you need to know what stocks you want to buy and then when to sell them. There are several services available which will help you make these decisions. We recommend Zack’s premium research, enroll for free trial and get the stock picking tips.

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We also recommend one more useful service provided by the Fast Money fame Jim Cramer. Also sign up for the free trial with his action alert plus service and get his tips.

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You are all set with trading stocks, be sure to follow the market regularly and prepare your strategy.